About Us


What is Village Nurture?

Village Nurture is an all volunteer-led Rhode Island based care community. Our primary goal is to create an online space for caregivers to seek support and build connections from others in their community.  Our priority is to center the families who have are impacted by medical illness, or immunocompromized; those who have physical, emotional or learning disabilities; those who struggle with mental health, PTSD or are neurodivergent; and those who are experiencing social stressors such as poverty, unstable housing, and/or unemployment. Using a disability justice framework, our goal is to help families identify their children's learning, emotional, and medical needs and help to match them to community volunteers, other families in the community, funding, and/or community resources.



Our Mission

To build an anti-racist, disability justice focused community of care and mutual aid support network for Rhode Island students with disabilities and their caregivers.

Our Founders

Our founders are two mothers and friends who live in Rhode Island.  Both of us have struggled with parenting while managing chronic illness, mental health challenges, and being neurodiverse.  We believe that all caregivers deserve to have better communities of care in their times of need, but also in times when they are thriving.  We believe in disability justice, reproductive justice and racial justice. 

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Our Values

Village Nurture is a space to uplift all voices.  We were founded on the basis that all humans are worthy of respect, dignity and care.  We understand that all school personnel are taking risks walking back into school buildings during the COVID 19 crisis, and that all families are taking risks sending their children back to school at this time. Village Nurture was formed as a way to decenter white ableist voices in these conversations and address the systemic needs of our most vulnerable populations. We believe that we cannot address disability justice without addressing racial justice without addressing reproductive justice. We believe that all Black Educators Lives Matter and Black Students Lives Matter.  We believe that all Black Disabled Lives Matter.