How do I join Village Nurture?


You can sign up through your member email. If you did not receive an email, click here to join our Village Nurture community.  If you have any problems getting connected, please send an email to and will send you a link to sign up.


Take a look at the topics listed under the group forum (only members can post).  Find the topic that best represents your need. If you are a volunteer, this is where you will find volunteering opportunities that match your skill set/offerings. You can also post your skill set/offerings in the general Volunteer Listserve here.


Make a post. Connect with other members and/or volunteers through the chat feature. If you have suggestions for topics to add to the forum, let us know. This is your village!


If you have a medical or educational request that requires financial resources, CLICK ON THE PENCIL ICON BELOW to fill out the form on the mutual aid page. We will try to meet members needs as best as we can, based on the mutual aid donations that are submitted.  We are going to be running a series of fundraisers to raise money for our mutual aid fund, so STAY TUNED