Whatever your reason for donating and however your choose to support Village Nurture, we are greatful for your support.

We need your support in funding this volunteer led effort. The funds raised through the mutual aid efforts, will be distributed for adaptive and assistive technology; medical, mental health and therapeutic copays; medication, medical equipment and devices; learning and educational resources; and other educational and therapeutic related costs. We will also be applying to various grants within the community. Our goal is to also partner with other organizations in RI who are offering mutual aid, so that families can have multiple financial, emotional, wellness and social support needs met during this time.


You can donate at the link here:

In addition to financial donations, Village Nurture needs assistance with grant writing and fundraising.  If you are able to help us with these efforts, please send an email to

Village Nurture is under the fiscal sponsorship of Project LETS ( We appreciate their support with this project.